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Medisoft Version 23 has many new feature, and improved functionality.  Medisoft has always been proven, trusted and affordable practice management solution designed to simplify and streamline the way you run your practice. From scheduling and billing to complete revenue management capabilities, it is the smartest choice for your practice, and to provide patient services.    Click to see Feature Slides.....

Medisoft v23 :    
> Scanning (New)   - Displays double-sided scanned insurance cards in Policy 1,2,3 tabs, and other scanned documents  in Multimedia Section of the case information
> AR Tracker enhancements (New)     - to further improve work flow instantly recognition of patient and transaction status, Flags background colors Name columns, and Incomplete Transaction colors display in transaction grids
> Timely Filing Feature (New)   - Primary filing date column is added customizable for each payer you never  miss a deadline again. This is Calculated based on “Days” value entered on Insurance Carrier
> Remittance enhancement - Easily identify secondary payer claims whether they are paper/EDI – Displays Claim status, secondary payer & Media (paper/EDI) in the grid 
> Assignment of Notes - Transactions will have 3 note fields instead of 1: Internal note,
Statement Note, Other note with existing note type selections.
> Auto-assign statement note based on remittance codes - User can enter statement & internal notes with remittance auto-assign statement message setup,  freetext entry for an internal note or statement note
> Assign Notes button - User can select a pre-built statement message, or freetext the statement note
BillFlash Enhancements - 
> ICD-10 extended codes, and search Tool built-in
> Appointments via Internet - Patients can make their
> Write-off old Balances in batch mode -   Simplifies patient accounting , and 
> Improves productivity of the scheduling and billing staff
> Speeds up patient accounting   Improves revenue, and reduces accounts receivable
> Tracks practice performance efficiently and automatically
> Reduces the administrative burden on physicians so they can focus on patient care
> Provides a seamless path to EHR adoption
> Integrated Medisoft Clinical with Medisoft Practice Management system
Many More Features

Improves office workflow and simplifies the patient scheduling process
Medisoft comes standard with a scheduling engine that replaces inefficient paper-based schedules with an electronic view of your office resources, making it quick and easy to schedule, move or cancel appointments .  

Streamlines accounting, billing and collection processes to make staff more efficient and help practices get paid faster with Revenue Services

From the office to back office, Medisoft helps make sure you receive the maximum reimbursement for the services you provide.
·    Verify insurance eligibility before scheduled appointments.
·    Collect co-payments and balances due at the time of check-in.
·    Add payments directly into the Medisoft billing system from the scheduling screen.
·    Produce a "quick receipt" for payments collected up-front.
·    Set up patients using the Patient Quick Entry feature, which consolidates billing data entry into one easy screen.
·    Submit claims electronically and manage claims by resubmitting individual claims or batches of claims when there   is a dispute with a payor.
·    Produce professional, easy to read patient statements.
·    Automatically populate the Collections Worklist for follow-up with payors and patients on unpaid claims.

Enhanced reporting – Reporting has never been better
Medisoft v23 includes more than 250 reports to help make your practice run smoothly. Medisoft Reports give unparalleled information on managed care plans, in-depth financial information, marketing statistics, service facility financial information, templates to export data for use in other software and the ability to run custom reports.
Medisoft Reports Professional (available as an add-on module) offers 368 reports, charts and graphs. It also includes a report server that enables reports to run at scheduled times and be delivered via e-mail, as well as the ability to edit standard reports and create custom reports.

Available Tools to further Enhance Productivity
·     Revenue Management - Integrated, and Submits all your unlimited EDI claims, Posts Electronic Remittance Advice (ERAs), and patient insurance  eligibility verification.
·     BillFlash ® - Submits Patient remainder statements electronically very easily
·     Patient Insurance Card Scanner - This product is required to scan patient identification, and insurance cards to keeps it with the insurance information. It eliminates paper copies of such documents.
·    Many more tools to improve efficiency

               Contact: Advanced Micro at 973-428-3318 OR e-mail:

Recommended System Requirement for Medisoft:

  Workstation : Pentium i5 processor or higher, 200 GB of available hard disk space, 4GB of RAM, display, Windows7 Pro. Server: Pentium i5 processor or higher, 1 TB of available hard disk space, 8GB of RAM, Windows Server 2008 R2 or 2012 HP Printer, Card Scanner, Good Backup System, and UPS
Networking: 1 GB Switch/Router, Cat 5e cabling, business class Internet connectivity


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