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Why eMDs and Why eMDs Medisoft Plus Cloud EHR?

We have all watched over the last decade as the industry has shifted dramatically from server-based practice management systems to EMRs and on to cloud-based, consolidated PM/EMRs. eMDs Plus is the next-generation solution our customers need in order to continue to run their practices and treat their patients effectively in the modern healthcare landscape.
More than an application eMDs Plus is a true Cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service platform, fully integrated Practice Management and Electronic Health Record system built on the very latest technology. Its design is both intuitive  created by physicians for physicians and feature-rich, with everything you need to schedule, chart, and bill, as well as cutting-edge functions for patient tracking, physician and patient communication, code search and recommendation, as well as being a 2014 certified product.
eMDs is a trusted, customer-focused, market leading vendor with over two decades of experience. Renowned for building the most usable point of care clinical tools which are fully integrated with a powerful suite of billing and administrative tools to help clients focus on patients. Our true cloud-based solutions are renowned for the ability to help providers effortlessly document at the point-of-care without disrupting the doctor-patient relationship. Our roots of being founded in medical practices by physicians mean we truly understand the importance of helping customers focus on what's most important: their patients.

We have delivered on that reputation with the Plus design. In addition, we are committed to tightly integrating the Plus platform with existing eMDs technology in Medisoft and Lytec, offering seamless workflows for stalwart Medisoft and Lytec practices as they adopt Plus EMR.
Plus is the evolution of technology backed by a major brand that is committed to our customers: small to mid-sized practices. It is a great opportunity to get back to growth. Capitalize on the disruption as other companies struggle to execute, exit from the market, or continue to create products that are not suitable for the customers that we have defined as ours.
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