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Aprima ® - The Best Electronic Health Records (EHR) Office-based MIPS & MACRA Certified Virtually for All Specialties for Mid-Size Practices. Read More....

Medisoft Clinical EHR - Office & Cloud  Based ,
Full Featured, Integrated, MIPS Certified, Meaningful use Ready EHR for all specialties. Read More...

Medisoft+ EHR - Cloud-Based , Full Featured, Integrated, MIPS Certified, Meaningful use Ready System for all specialties. Read More...  

Medisoft- Cloud v24  PMS  is  Here   -
Medisoft Practice Management System (an ICD-10 Search Tool, Patient Write-off Balance in batches, and Patient In-take with lots of new features, and Time & Money Saving functionalties for Single or multi-user (Client/Server). Patient Cards Scanning is built-in; Stores front and back of patient's cards in Medisoft for the reference needed any time  card Scanner is required.  Read More....

Patient In-take and Medisoft Mobile : it's great time and money saver product. Physicians may use IPad or iPhone linked to Medisoft from anywhere ; can see his/her patient schedule, and can finish assigning procedure and diagnose codes on a fly. Those will automatically create charges in Medisoft, which Eliminates Paper Superbill, Data Input Time, and Data Input Errors. A Huge time & Money saving feature. To see the Live Video , click to this Link...
Full Service Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) - A comprehensive Medical Billing, Credentialing, and Cloud-based EHR at the most competitive fees.

Revenue Management - Three-in-one Services - Unlimited Electronic Claims Submission, ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) Payment posting, and Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification  from government and commercial payors instantaneously.

BillFlash E-Statements , and e-Transations  via BillFlash
 - Mail professionally looking remaining statements of patient balance through this service by pressing couple of keys which transmit electronically and helps collect payment faster. Read More....

E-Prescriptions As Stand-alone Service  - allows sending patients Rx prescriptions (R egular, and Class-II Medications ) directly to all Pharmacies in the nation, saving you time, making your office compliance, and providing the Best Services to your patients.


AMCSI is full  Service eMDs Certified Value-ad ded Partners   providing Complete Services Including: 

System Implementation - EHR, and PMS installation, Specialty & office based configuration and Customization, Hardware installation & configuration, configure entire EMR/PMS/Add-On Products to work the way it is supposed to implement .

Training on EHR and PMS - Offer Training on Software One-to-One, Class-Room environment, and over the Internet training of complete system including EMR, PMS, add-on products, and Provide on-going  technical full support.

System Managed IT Services
- Networking Consultation, Network Management includes:
LAN and WAN networking, User Management, Data Management. Information Services Management includes: Backup, Data Recovery, Data Storage, System Security, System monitoring, Help Desk/Service Desk, for single or multiple offices. Communication Services includes: Internet connectivity, Email, Telephone, Remote office Connectivity.

Virtually Paperless Environment - Our goal is to take your office towards virtual Paperless.  We all know paper cannot be avoided, but we suggest, recommend, implement ways and add-on products to minimize paper as much as possible.

Hosting Services - We host your applications, provide connectivity any-time 24x7 from any where, and maintain your data backup at the most competetive fee.

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