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Medisoft Office OR on- Cloud v25  PMS   -   Medisoft Practice Management System including: Tracking and Reporting of iser logins/logouts, Audit Report option to Track OCR Scanns, Add Patient DOB and Age, and Last Eligibility checked on OHP appointment Screen, Show Insurance Codes with Insurance names in Transaction Screen, Deposit list enhanscement, etc.  .    Read More....

Patient In-take and Medisoft Mobile : it's great time and money saver product. Physicians may use IPad or iPhone linked to Medisoft from anywhere; can see his/her patient schedule, and can finish assigning procedure and diagnose codes on a fly. Those will automatically create charges in Medisoft, which Eliminates Paper Superbill, Data Input Time, and Data Input Errors. A Huge time & Money saving feature. Click to this link to see the                                                                                                      Live Video...
Full Service Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) - A comprehensive Medical Billing, Credentialing, and Cloud-based EHR at the most competitive fees.

Revenue Management - 3-in-one Services  - Unlimited Electronic Claims Submission, ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) Payment posting, and Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification  from government and commercial payors instantaneously.

E-Statements   of Patient Remaining Balance, e-Pay, and e-Transations  via BillFlash
 - Mail, Text Message, e-mail professionally looking remaining statements of patient balance through this service by pressing couple of keys which transmit electronically and helps collect payment faster.                                                                                                                                              Read More....

E-Prescriptions   Integrated with any of our EHR System OR As Stand-alone Service  - allows sending patients Rx prescriptions  (Regular, and Controlled Substances)  directly to Pharmacies in the nation, saving you time, making your office compliance with Government Requirements, and providing the Best Services to your patients.  

Patient Auto-Recall   Fully Integrated with Medisoft & Lytec  - allows sending patients appointmnets Recall via Phone, e-mail, or Text Message. Reports back about the appointments , and other messages, which increase office efficiency.     Live Quick Video....

AMCSI is full Service eMDs Certified Value-ad ded Partners   providing Services Not Limited to: 

Managed IT Services - Networking Consultation, Network Management includes: LAN and WAN networking, User Management, Data Management. Information Services Management includes: Backup, Data Recovery, Data Storage, System Security, System monitoring, Help Desk/Service Desk, for single or multiple offices. Communication Services includes: Internet connectivity, Email, Telephone, Remote office Connectivity.

System Consultation - We provide system consultation of new and existing medical offices projects.  We devote our 80-years of combined experience for this service. Each project is thoroghly evaluated, documented, and recommonded the most efficient solution(s).

Hosting Services - We host your applications, provide connectivity any-time 24x7 from any where, and maintain your data backup at the most competitive fee.

System Implementation - EHR, and PMS installation, Specialty & office based configuration and Customization, Hardware installation & configuration of entire EMR/PMS/Add-On Products to work the way it is supposed to be implemented first time.

Trainig & Suppot - Offer Training on Software On-line, One-to-One, Class-Room environment, and over the Phone of complete system including EMR, PMS, add-on products, and Provide on-going technical & full support.

Virtually Paperless Environment - Our goal is to take your office towards virtual Paperless.  We all know paper cannot be avoided, but we suggest, recommend, implement ways and add-on products to minimize paper as much as possible.

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EHR Solutions:

Aprima - The Best Electronic Health Records up to 100 Providers (EHR) Office-based OR Cloud-based MIPS and MACRA Certified Virtually any Specialties for Mid-Size Practices .                                      Learn More....

Medisoft Clinical - The Best Electronic Health Records up to 10 Providers (EHR) Office-based or Cloud-based, Full-featured, Integrated, MIPS and MACRA Certified for Most Specialties .                      Learn More....

PMS Solutions:
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