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Enhance Quality

Medical billing with the Most used and Easy Medisoft is now available on Cloud 24 x 7 gives you access anywhere anytime. It is Most economical, suitable to any single provider or Multi-providers or Billing companies for any speciality. It allows all Built-in and Fee-based Features, and Functionalities, which you get using Medisoft Office-based system including patient Billing, Claims submission, Electronic claims submission, Payment Posting, Patient Eligibility etc. and let you optimize your reimbursements. All you need is to get started is in 3 steps: Contact us; will setup connectivity; and you get started using and billing claims at the Most Competitive Fee. So Let Us Start Today….. Maximize Your Revenue

TOP 15 Reasons to Go for Medisoft Cloud 24 X 7 Billing System

Ensure Safety

This Service is HIPAA Ready, Safe, and Confidential. Data is Backed up Nightly Basis. Give us a chance to serve your office with our Committed and Unparalleled Services. Medisoft Technical Support is Included.

Medisoft-Cloud 24 X 7

Any Size Practices

Contact: Phone: 973.428.3318 | e-mail: sales@admcsi.com for More Information, and to get started
No Yearly Software Upgrade Needed you will always get the most recent version of the Medisoft to use Medisoft is most versatile Medical Billing System and does way more than any PM system available out there. Service is available 24 x 7 to be accessed from anywhere any time. Service is Highly Secure complying HIPAA Requirements. No Need to deploy server (multi-users office). No Need to secure IT Services which costs additional money . No Need to backup your data, we do it here. No Need to Update Billing Software every year; you get the latest Medisoft version at all the times. On-going our Platinum Medisoft Phone Support included at no extra charge. One Monthly affordable predictable fee On-going Data connectivity availability to your office.
Easy To initiate services And To use our services. No minimum number of providers to enrol for this service. Other Medisoft Integrated Services available for a nominal service fee such as: CGM-Connection for patient reminder, and messages EDI, ERA, Patient Eligibility checking Award winning Medisoft eMEDIX service, Patient Statement on paper and\or phone message, Patient payment on-line with e-pay and e- office capability ICD-10 search and save in Medisoft for future use, Patient Responsibility calculator, More Integrated Services available, please call us Many More Functionalities, and Features of Medisoft All these at affordable Fee!
Medisoft Cloud 24 X 7 is Here Now ….