Medisoft v27
Pop-up Messages(New) - allows to create message to remind users at the time of making appointments & within charts. Merge Patient Accounts(New) - allows to merge duplicate charts in to one chart. Move Transactions between Cases(New) - now you can move transactions from one case to another. Display Patient Responsibility(New) Copay & Deductible in transaction Screen will appear, if you are using eMEDIX in the transaction, and OH screen. Inactive status indicator(New) - when selecting patients for appointments or patient charts PDF file support(New) - Now you can scan in PDF documents into Medisoft Multi-user section Enhanced to CGM-Connection - Patient Messages, Reminders etc. available with this service integrated with Medisoft Much more... Built-In Medisoft Solutions ….. On-Line Patient Scheduling: allows to make appointments via iPad, iPhone, and patients can make their appointments via Internet from anywhere any time. Remote Mobile Billing Data Entry: now Super Bills; Patient Demographic; Patient Vitals can be entered via iPad or any Remote Computer and can see cases, patient balance, middle initial, and facility are available; additional Insurance information, etc. are visible to make treatment more versatile. See Video…. Patient Insurance Card Scanning: available Front & Back Cards Scanning feature stores in Medisoft to be used for future reference. Electronic A/R Tracking: this feature allows to track patient & Insurance outstanding tracking in the most efficient way within Medisoft. See Video….. All Medical Billing Features Includes Claims Management, Statement Management, Payment Posting, Quick Ledger\Balance, Old Balance Write Off in Batch-mode, Suite of reports, Word Processor with Medical Dictionary, and Many More features to make Medical billing breeze, Most efficient, and Unique to Any Other Billing Systems Available Out There.     Integrated Solutions (^Nominal Service Fee Applies) ….. Electronic Claims, ERA, and Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification^: CGM e-MEDIX all three services - Claims (Including W/C, & Auto Claims), ERAs, and Patient Insurance Eligibility ; Claims are audited before goes to Carrier, which means Prompt, and Maximum Payment. Payments, & adjustments are applied by-line item with one-touch e-Prescribe ^: CGM-Medisoft integrated e-prescription Medical Rx and Control Substance (EPCS) prescriptions with Medisoft Electronic Patient Remainder Statements^: BillFlash ® allows to send Patient Balance Billing via e-Mail or Paper within Medisoft. Statements can be Colored Coded, and be Edited before they leave E-Pay & Office-Pay^: BillFlash ® allows Patients to Pay their balance on-line any time anywhere via e-Pay® Integration. Payment comes directly into Medisoft to be applied in to the charts CGM-Connect^: CGM-Connect ® lets you send Text, and telephonic Message to Patients for their Appointment Reminders, etc.
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Medisoft v27 Medical Billing Software Affordable, trusted, and proven Practice Management solutions help simplify the way you run your practice- whether you’re using an EHR or not.
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