Medisoft v28
Enhanced Eligibility Display for users of eMEDIX to locate information more quickly(New) - allows to locate more and detailed patient eligibility information helps Revenue and collections. Retain User Custom Grid Settings From Prior Version (v27) When Upgrading(New) - Now Medisoft screens grid customization retains your settings after Medisoft upgrades, which you created in earlier version, very helpful, and time saving feature. Modify Diagnosis Lookup Drop-down Selection in Transaction Entry and Unprocessed Transactions(New) - Drop-down feature helps greatly for selection Dx in Transaction entry, and in unprocessed transactions screen. Original Claim Reference Number(New) Original Claim Reference is now been added to all 3 carriers in claims Management screen. Day End Appointment & Activity Review(New) Single interactive view gives quick review of charges and patient collections to alert possible oversights such as appointments without charges, missed co-pays, claims not billed, etc.. Many more... Medisoft Built-In Unique Features ….. On-Line Patient Scheduling: Medisoft allows to make appointments via iPad, iPhone, and patients can make their appointments via Internet from anywhere any time. Remote Mobile Billing Data Entry: now Super Bills; Patient Demographic; Patient Vitals can be entered via iPad or any Remote Computer and can see cases, patient balance, middle initial, and facility are available; additional Insurance information, etc. are visible to make treatment more versatile. Patient Insurance Card Scanning: available Front & Back Cards Scanning feature stores in Medisoft to be used for future reference. A/R Tracking: this feature allows to track patient & Insurance outstanding tracking in the most efficient way within Medisoft. All Medical Billing Features Includes: Patient Tracking, Claims Management, Remaining Balance Statement Management, Payment Posting, Quick Ledger\Balance, Old Balance Write Off in Batch-mode, Suite of reports, Word Processor with Medical Dictionary, and Many More features to make Medical billing breeze, Most efficient, and way more features Unique to Any Other Billing Systems Available Out There.     Medisoft Integrated Products (^Nominal Service Fee Apply) …..

CGM e-MEDIX Electronic Claims, ERA, and Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification^: all three services -

Medical, W/C, & Auto Claims, ERAs, and Patient Insurance Eligibility; Claims are audited before goes to Carrier, which means

Prompt, and Maximum Payment. Payments, & adjustments are applied by-line item with one-touch.

CGM Medisoft e-Prescribe^: CGM-Medisoft integrated e-prescription Medical Rx and Control Substance (EPCS)

prescriptions with Medisoft CGM-Connect ® ^: - lets you send Text, and telephonic Message to Patients for their Appointment Reminders, etc. tig htly integra tes with your appointments and demographics, delivering appointment reminders and mass messagin g so yo u stay connected with your patients. Help keep patient’s appointments, and add a powerful marke ting tool to you r practice See More……

CGM-Patient Responsibility Estimate




estimates in advance based on patient’s insurance eligibility, how much Patients is

responsible out of their pocket. It can be printed or saved for future reference.

eMEDIX Patient Statements




Display patient statements generated, inside of CGM MEDISOFT to allow the user to review

statements and de-select any that are not wanted. Many choices to print, and display statements.

Call Remind^: Pay FOR what you Need Diverse Services: Send Patient Messages, Short Not ice, Surveys, Late Payment , Triggered Messages , Birthday Greetings , Seasonal Greetings , Newsletters , Reputation M anagement , Sales Messag es , Recalls , Missed Appointment , etc. . See More…… Electronic Patient Remainder Statements^: BillFlash ® allows to send Patient Balance Billing via e-Mail or Paper within Medisoft. Statements can be Color Coded, and be Edited before they leave. E-Pay & Office-Pay^: BillFlash ® allows Patients to Pay their balance on-line any time anywhere via e-Pay® Integration. Payment goes directly into your bank account and payment information comes directly into Medisoft to be applied in to the charts. Many More Integrated Services available, please ask us
BillFlash® allows Patients to Pay their balance on-line any time anywhere via e-Pay® Integration. Payment comes directly into Medisoft to be applied in to the charts



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CGM Medisoft v28 More Powerful Solutions Ever Before for the Hard working Practices
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Medisoft v28
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